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Our Vehicles

To enable us to offer you luxurious, limousine-style, LIMO BUS services, we use only the best vehicles that money can offer. We use the most modern vehicles that are pain-stakingly converted into our luxury LIMO BUSES by our highly skilled team.


We use the largest of the Iveco vans, the Daily City 50C13V-15, with a load capacity of 15.6 cubic meters, that translates into a passenger area, 4.56 meters long by 1.8 meters wide and 1.9 meters high! That's a lot of party space!

  • Seating for up to 10-14 passengers
  • Air-conditioned passenger compartment
  • Amazing DVD, CD surround sound system
  • Moodlighting
  • Tinted one-way windows
  • Intercom system
  • Full champagne bar
  • Leather couches and seats
  • Privacy partition
  • 54cm onboard TV
  • RCA video TV connection for your laptop
  • Extra 220v power point

In terms of active safety, the Daily's superior maneuverability plays a key role, together with integral disc brakes as standard equipment.

The strong, truck-type frame, on which the bumpers are mounted, is the first stage of passive safety. Impacts are absorbed directly by its solid, non-deformable structure. Next comes the drivers cab's protective steel cage, with the pillars further reinforced by a cross member, creating a real survival cell.

The load area where passengers are located, has also been specially reinforced by a roll over cage providing a safety cocoon for our valued passengers. A sturdy bulkhead with a window separates the cab from the load compartment. In effect providing a protective separator between drivers cab and passenger compartment.

Our drivers can see the whole picture by being situated in the ideal driving position, visibility with no blind spots, the new profiled side windows, the ample total glazed surface and the big, wide-angle rearview mirrors outside.

All vehicles are fitted with tracking devices in case of emergencies.

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